3.2 Design answers

3.2 Design answers - student project

1. What do you study?
Ans: I study in science stream
Example 1: Total subjects in it
Example 2: Other extracurriculars besides that


2. Why did you choose to study it?
Ans: I find it really interesting
Example 1: Its particular subjects I like
Example 2: Elder's help in studies


3. Do you enjoy this area of study?
Ans: Yes, a lot!
Example 1: Things I like in my favorite subjects
Example 2: Its attachment to my personal life


4. Do you get along well with your classmates?
Ans: Yes, mostly
Example 1: Some exceptions among them
Example 2: How we help each other


5. what do you plan to do when you finish your studies?
Ans: Get admission in a college for bachelor's degree
Example 1: Major and programs I will choose
Example 2: Part time jobs and internships I will look for