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2nd class: How to create product pages that convert visitors into customers

My autumn class schedule

I'm currently taking part in the returning teachers workshop and have just uploaded my second course - How to create product pages that convert visitors into customers.

I was able to create this slightly quicker than my first course, but I still learnt lots on how I can improve my next course!

My schedule for the next three months is:

  • September - Sell more online: create product pages that convert visitors into customers
  • October - How to plan and schedule social media for better results
  • November - TBC!

My first class: How to write a brilliant About page

This has been a long process for me!

Choosing my topic

My class is based on the most popular post on my blog, about writing an about page for your website.

A lot of people don't realise that about pages are one of the most visited pages on nearly every website. Yet even though they're super important, this is something people struggle with, so I wanted to give people a framework for writing an about page that encapulates their brilliance.

Class outline

I started last year, when I started planning my class outline (which ended up being updated and revised as I practiced and filmed my class. 

I filmed my class around November, but it took a long time to get edited and finally uploaded. I'm thrilled that it's finally live and I'm looking forward to seeing some class projects!

Class live

The final class is now live here: How to write a brilliant about page for your website

Promoting my class

I've started promoting my class by:

What I've learnt

  • It takes a while to get used to talking to the camera, but I got more natural the further I got into my course.
  • Editing took a lot longer than I expected!


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