Dorin Boerescu

CEO at 2Parale




Hello all.

1. Write a paragraph explaining the company and team - something you can use in email.

Emerging markets like Turkey and India have a big potential for ecommerce and affiliate marketing. Based on our 3 years experience in SE Europe, we want to take advantage of that potential.

2. Build a single slide on what differentiates you and why you all in (you + investors)

We are turning an affiliate network into an economic simulator based on real sales. We’re a 7 people team with strong background in advertising and ecommerce. Generated already more than 260k sales – Member of Leo Burnett Romania since 2012.

3. We will build an online marketing strategy “real game”, using game elements to generate positive addiction to users (positive because they will actually get money from playing that game).

The conversion rates for ecommerce in emerging markets are usually too low to motivate affiliates. We discovered that turning this into a “game challenge” and delivering real social status hook them for a great involvement and generates a lot of sales.
All significant players on those markets are big players with a classic approach that usually doesn't generate enough results. We beat them in Romania and Bulgaria and we're pretty sure we can beat them in other markets.

For many of them Turkey and India are essential markets for next years

We are already cashflow positive and from 2013 will turn profitable.
I will love to talk to people interested in emerging markets and/or affiliate marketing and ecommerce.

Abigail, David - thanks a lot for this opportunity. I know that I should have prepared more for this, but these 2 weeks were incredibly busy to me

However, all the materials and discussions were very, very useful - congrats!
Maybe we will keep in touch, I will definitely let you know when I will close the next round :)

Best regards and good luck to everyone!


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