Lucas Scott

Melbourne, Australia



2D Long Flat Shadows in After Effects

Initial project: Had this initial animation which I created for this project. Encountered a problem as masks are really effective when you have shadow that extend beyond the composition which I didn't think of at the time. Below I have included my initial animation and what happened when I added the effect preset to that animation. To resolve I will remove masks and make text either float in or pop up from the bottom. This isn't my final result. Just thought I would keep project updated.



First update: Fixed up the initial position of all the text to outside the composition to account for the masks not working. Also made the fill 100% opacity because the half opacity wasn't working with this particular animation with the words being chopped up. Here is what I managed to get my design to at this point. I also tried using a null object to play with the light source, but it didn't look good with this designed animation. Still more to come.



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