28 Days of Life: Pt. 1

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - student project

Day 10: Grocery Run

I'm a creature of habit and basically get the same items, under $50 unless sidetracked by some sales.

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - image 1 - student project



Day 9: Self Care Necessities

This didn't turn out as planned. I had to make some color adjustments and even then it's not "quite" what I envisioned but it kind of is. Haha. I wanted to try flat illustrations, like a color pop/post-it note style on a door. Nevertheless, I think the idea comes across. 

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - image 2 - student project



Day 8: I Keep Wearing

I live in leggings but I these are also essential to my wardrobe. Accent earrings, name rings, bright lipstick and a purse that fits everything. What more can a girl ask for. 

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - image 3 - student project



Day 7: Current Cravings

Decided to try a different color palette for this. I like the violet but it was tricky gauging the opacity. Maybe I'll try a monochrome design.

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - image 4 - student project



Day 6: Daily Routine

My schedule can be all over the place but one consistent thing is a cup of tea. Right now, I absolutely love this Vanilla Chai loose leaf tea from a local vendor. I almost signed up for a subscription supply.

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - image 5 - student project



Day 5: Ingredients to my Mess

I think I'm getting the hang of this. No pages were scrapped during the design of today's prompt. I just cleaned my workspace so I delved into my bag. There's always a purse of "you never know" items. Oops, typo in Happy Girls "ARE" The Prettiest, haha. 

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - image 6 - student project



Day 4: Latest Reading Material

I think I'm finding my flow with this. Went back to acrylics and just a simple pen. Honestly, my books are never stacked properly. It'a a bit all over the place and to represent that, I built a "fort?" of books because...why not. 

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - image 7 - student project



Day 3: Creating With

To be honest, I'm not sure where this project will lead me. There are styles I've explored in the last two days that I love yet there are so many different ways to express an idea. Perhaps I'll switch to just pen and "watered-down" acrylic for the next prompt. 

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - image 8 - student project



Day 2: Recently I Learned I'm a Turbulent Campaigner (ENFP-T)

ENFP, INTJ or ESTP? I was so confused when my friend asked me this question. Did I miss a generation? A vine? A gif? After a quick google search I discovered these spy-like codes referred to 16 various personalities assigned to you after a small test. I took the plunge and was pronounced ENFP...with a T. Aside from having my personality down to a science, I was fascinated by how accurate this actually was, so I made it my project. 

One of my focus throughout this workshop is to discover a style that represents me. Since this test felt like a portrait of my personality, I decided to explore a portrait composition, omitting the facial expression to focus on the test result. AND the struggle of finding the right skin tone for a chocolate skinned girl. 

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - image 9 - student project



Day 1: Currently Listening to Mai Tais (Train featuring Skylar Grey)

I was so flustered about how to start this project without overthinking it. I could dive in but that quickly resulted in two drafts being scrapped. Thinking of bridging the gap between over-processing and being free-spirited, I limited myself to 2 "rough" sketches, 2 color palettes (plus black) and simply just writing. I loved the flow of time in the lyrics, the joy of living your life to the full and having no regrets. That's all for now. We'll see what tomorrow brings. 

28 Days of Life: Pt. 1 - image 10 - student project

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