28 Day Challenge

28 Day Challenge - student project

Day 1 - Journey

Today I chose to draw a butterfly to represent Journey.  There are multiple reasons why I chose this as my representation of journey.  A butterfly has a significant journey, changing from a caterpillar to the cocoon stage - during the cocoon stage, huge changes take place inside the cocoon...when the butterfly starts to emerge there is a battle to break free of the confines of the cocoon. The butterfly has to go through this breaking free alone, with all of it's energy and strength, pushing through with it's will to live and arrive with every cell of it's being.  I chose to colour my butterfly in the colours of the rainbow representing the LGBTQ+ community.  As a butterfly transforms from caterpillar to butterfly, so does the LGBTQ+ person.  They face internal struggles, many changes and the crushing forces of the external world.  They must show strength and perseverance to become their true selves (break free of the confines of society, expectations and personal anguish  - the cocoon).  Each person, like a butterfly is both fragile and strong, it's a personal journey, some survive the journey, others do not.  Butterflies are critical to the growth of the planet, they pollinate, provide beauty and are each unique and have many predators.  The butterfly goes through their life spreading joy and adding to the overall beauty of our world.  They show us a world of colour and diversity.  I could write an essay on the similarities, or I can present my interpretation on Journey.....28 Day Challenge - image 1 - student project

Day 2 - cloudwatching

I did not enjoy this as much as yesterday.  My original plan was to spend time outside and watch the clouds....except that there is not any one cloud, it's just a grey damp day.  Therefore I opted for a silly cartoon cloud that I turned into a parachute jumper....he's not happy, most likely because I drew a 10 second parachute and he was hurling towards a world of pain.

28 Day Challenge - image 2 - student project

Day 3 - Feeling a Bit Slow  - after watching the videos today, I just was not feeling it - not a bit, I didn't get rolling my brush marker around on the paper.  That's not how I feel art.  This afternoon, I was sitting with my daughter drawing (she's 23 and we both love art, she is almost finished her degree with a minor in art, and hoping to gain acceptance into a Master's program following her dream of curating - she just finished a large yearlong project curating the yearly art show for her university), anyway, I was drawing a sunflower and when I went to apply the paint for the background I decided to let my brush roll around slowly applying the acrylic paint.  I think it turned out interesting in texture and gave a very different feel to the painting than my usual clean lines.  I like it.

28 Day Challenge - image 3 - student project

Day 4 - Shake it UP!

28 Day Challenge - image 4 - student project

 Day 5 - Metamorphosis 

“....and that is how a fairy is born...”

28 Day Challenge - image 5 - student project

Day 6

28 Day Challenge - image 6 - student project

Day 7 - a crowd of creatures....

now this one had me stumped!  I erased and thought and painted and crumpled up and drew in different sketchbooks, scraps of paper and was completely blocked - I don’t draw creatures!  So, I quickly sketched some yummy desserts and drew little happy faces on them - they are “foodies”!

28 Day Challenge - image 7 - student project

Day 8 - adding colour

my day

28 Day Challenge - image 8 - student project

Day 9 - Flatten

28 Day Challenge - image 9 - student project

Day 10 - Thread

 28 Day Challenge - image 10 - student project

Day 11 - Reworking a previous project - I chose day 2 cloud watching. I didn’t like the original, because I made the cloud into my parachute person.  I redid the challenge and turned the cloud into the parachute!  Also, while cloudwatching if you watch closely you might just see someone jump outta the plane. Lol!

28 Day Challenge - image 11 - student project


I chose to do an abstract representation of one of Canada’s most iconic structures / the CN Tower

28 Day Challenge - image 12 - student project

Day 13 - Take 2

I decided to take 3 and joined them together. The butterfly and Journey from Day 1, the background patch is from Day 4 and the “thread” is from Day 10.  I like this one. It’s whimsical and cheery on the outside, but carries a great amount of emotion, life, sadness and survival in it’s story. 

28 Day Challenge - image 13 - student project

Kerry Ford
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