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Kelly Arcacha

Artist, Teacher, Pug Mom




I have to be honest, I haven't heard the word zine for quiet a few years now. At first my mind went to high school and college days when we were creating zines about lost loves and mixed tapes to play on long car rides. After watching Kate Bingaman-Burts introduction, and checking out the inspiration sources, I realized how much I've been missing these past ten + years. 

For my zine I decided to take Kate's advice and go the route of advocacy. These last two years I've been haunted by the idea that over 273 girls were kidnapped from their school and still have not been rescued. As a teacher I look at my students and think what would happen if just one of them disappeared, never mind a full grade worth of students. As each day ticks on (now well over 400) my thoughts are with the families and community in Nigeria.


I wanted to create a visual of the number 273 with common school supplies and uniforms. Each composition in the zine is made of 273 individual drawings. The sketches themselves were done in the given hour time frame, however I went over the limit creating the vector patterns. The inside "reveal" spread is a digital illustration I had done last year that links the audience to #Bring Back Our Girls.







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