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Leslie Kavasch

Amateur Designer/Photographer based in CA



25AH Agency Portfolio

Twenty-Five Art House's portfolio is a great example of a clean and concise design that easily outlines the type of work the agency creates. Declarative statements about what the Art House is and does float on the page in bold orange letters, making the reader know instantly what kind of people they will be working with. The provided images are very high quality, some telling a bit of a story and others showing all collateral materials included in a project. The site is very easy to navigate, with page links floating at the top and contact information located at the bottom. Project links provide more beautiful photography, some almost full screen and the site is responsive, with images shrinking or expanding as you adjust the page size. The design elements are kept consistent, project titles and important statements are kept in bold bright orange lettters while the description is in smaller but still easily readable letters. Overall this is a beautifully designed portfolio page that I plan on taking inspiration from. 



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