Ian Laver




25 and Beyond!

Published my first class one day ago, "Globetrotting With Illustrator".


Link here: http://skl.sh/2aOU4ov

As of today I have 3 students...

As far as marketing goes, so far I have:

  • emailed friends and family with a free link
  • posted to my Instagram account with fee link: here
  • posted to my Twitter account with free link: here
  • posted on my DeviantArt journal page: here
  • posted to my Redbubble artist's page with both Free and premium links, here.

The thing is, my social media standing has been neglected to say the least, and so far friends and family aren't exactly supportive as we're not really into the same things...sigh.

So,  I would appreciate it if you could please take a look and let me know your feedback - thanks in advance!


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