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24th and Dune

5. Presentation

4. Graphic Elements (UPDATED 12/29/13)

This was the easiest part for me because I kinda already knew what I wanted. I went back to my mood board and keywords (coastal chic, down to earth, timeless, and friendly) and pulled from there. I had three different photos in my mood board that contained a herringbone pattern and I wanted something organic and friendly so I decided on a hand drawn, irregular herringbone. For the timeless, you can never go wrong with polka dots and strips. I did the polka dots in gold for a little twist on such a timeless and classic pattern. For my stripes, I pulled from the coastal chic and did oars. I wanted a big pattern, little pattern and geometric for diversity upon application. For packaging and shipping, like many others, I use kraft boxes because it's cost effective and for stationery there really aren't too many options out there. Ideally, would love to take my patterns and have custom tape and tissue paper made to pull it all together. 


3. Typography (UPDATED 12/29/13)

This part is harder than I thought it would be! I think I finally got the right font combination. I wasn't happy with my first choices of Karla and Bodini Egyptian Pro so after playing around with a lot more fonts I settled on Railway and Borgia. I think they complement one another better and are more legible in big blocks of copy. Railway also has a really nice set of numerals to work with.  


2. Colors (UPDATED 12/29/13)

I'm very indecisive but after sitting on this for months and all the wonderful comments and suggestions I received I decided on a completely different color palette. I feel like this is more sophisticated and I have more opportunity to play around with color and different color combo options. 


Creative Brief

  1. background: 24th and Dune is a one woman design firm that specializes in stock and custom paper goods and would like to branch out into branding identities and corporate business. Current website: 24thandDune.com
  2. objective: Build a cohesvie brand identity that will translate across all business collateral. In doing this 24th and Dune hopes to have a better direction going forward, and bring in more buisness with a more professional, put together look that better represents what 24th and Dune is, does, and hopes to accomplish in the future.

  3. target audience: Middle to upper class women and men, ages 18+, who have an appriciation for tangible paper goods and are seeking out customizable products. They don't mind paying for quality products and want simple, on trend designs that still have some class to them with a twist all our own.

  4. message: Like a big knit blanket on a winter day, 24th and Dune will provide you with a friendly, comfortable design experience. Think of them as the childhood friend that is still around age 50 and wants nothing but the best for you.
  5. competition: Other online indie stationery designers and local, established advertising agencies.

  6. distiguishing characteristics:
  • simple, clean, classic designs with a twist.
  • an honest love for what she does, it's not just about the profit but the whole experience.
  • ability to design a wide array of catagories, from casual to formal and elegant.
  • an affinity for coastal styles and colors.

        7. creative considerations:

  • consider coastal colors and possibly gold accents.
  • hand drawn element (be it the logo font or a small embellishment like irregular polka-dots).

        8. tone/keywords:

  • coastal chic.
  • down to earth.
  • timeless.
  • friendly.


Mood Board:


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