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Rakel Robayna

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22 de mayo

Hi! my name is Rakel. I come from Spaini and I play in a band called Pequeña Piltrafas. We are using this usefull classes for recording our own music.

- saffire pro dsp 24

- a pair of presonus eris 5 monitors

- imac

- 2 borrowed mics:  shure sm57 and audix cx112B.

We are a band so we do have a reahearsal room were we record all the material and I did mixed it at home.

We had to choose the mornings to record live the song, because usually there is no band rehearsing in the rooms that surround ours. We decided to record live the song so we needed to record at the same time: main voice, piano, electric guitar and bass. Drumms and other arrangements came after with the mix,

VOCALS (condensed mic): As we will be playing all  together, we tried to isolate as posible the voice. We did create our own reflection filter using some wood picked up from the garbage, cardboard, tape and some foam we bought for sound conditioning the room. We also decided to put the singer (me) away from the other sound sources and with some foam behind me, to avoid reflections. In the pictures you can check how we built it and how we used in the live recording:


At home, taping our DIY reflection filter 


at the rehearsal room recording live.

BASS: We do record it as a line input, straight from the bass amplier output (without using speakers).

ELECTRIC GUITAR: We put a borrowed shure 57 in the fromt of our guitar amplifier, aprt from the voice it was the only sound source, so we tried to keep both as separate as posible.

PIANO: we do record piano as a midi track.

For monitoring while recording, we used 3 of the saffire pro dsp 24 mono outputs as headphone outputs, and other 2 outputs for monitors to check the takes after playing.

After we do this live recording and decided which was the best take, we did record some extra tracks: an acustic guitar and vocal choirs. 


For the mix I use logic pro x as software and do separe the monitors of the wall. Behind me a great ikea book stand and I use the room at home that only the floor and the ceiling are in contact with the neghtbours. In the mix I add some pluggin instruments: percusion, violin and some pads aaand... spend a lot of time mixing, few days off, remixing, few days off, remixing and finally I made the mix heard out of my home studio by some friends and again remixes.


thank you very much for the classes and smart advices, I hope you all can enjoy the song and tell what do you think....



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