22 Hilarious Steps to Plan Your Week in Your Paper Planner

22 Hilarious Steps to Plan Your Week in Your Paper Planner - student project
  1. You have that six half-sheet set of stickers that cost you a good $15
  2. Because you have a Silhouette or a Cricut but don’t use it.
  3. Also Silhouette and Cricut are cults.
  4. So you sit down and you stick those stickers, but you have to pause…
  5. …for an ASMR session that is the sound of stickers detaching from someone’s fingers and shhhking onto the paper…
  6. Basically you just spent an hour of your planning watching someone else plan.
  7. So here you are, in your Erin Condren – oh, you have a Happy Planner?
  8. Those are cults too.
  9. I don’t know about the Happy Planner much, but Erin Condren has two sects: colorful and neutral.
  10. And then each of those sects have three sub-sects: Vertical, Horizontal, and Hourly.
  11. And you need different stickers for each unless you’re a rebel.
  12. So you get your date covers done, your bottom washi, your glitter headers, your sidebar…
  13. And you go pour yourself a glass of wine because dammit, you’re thirty and you like WINE when you have sticker time!
  14. You never got wine in Kindergarten! Only sad naps, which are like godsends now.
  15. You get all your stickers down after a few more wines of glasses, and you start writing out your week. It is now midnight-thirty. You started six hours ago.
  16. You write down something just to cross off: hint, it’s “plan my week.”
  17. You write down “yoga” on five days of the week because you know you need to exercise but you’re probably not going to do it.
  18. In fact, you also write down “laundry” every week when you know that you end up doing the sniff-test until you’re completely out of all your good underwear.
  19. You make a mental note to yourself that this week, you’re going to do the things you wrote down!
  20. You get done after a bottle and a half of rosé and clean up your stickers.
  21. You realize you’re thirty and you have more sticker albums than you did when you were four and thought naps were sad.
  22. Worth it.
Freyja Taylor
Graphic Web Designer and Planner Junkie