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Bradley Pavard

Black Belt in Kung-fu movies



21st century crest

Every detail of a family crest is symbolic. I have traced my family lines back to the early 1700s. Because of the large number of possibilities for family references I decided to be hyper specific and current.

This first crest is for my family, me (Bradley) my wife Danielle and our 3 daughters. I wanted to illustrate the vibrency of our family culture through color. I also tried to highlight our belief that families are forever.


This crest is for my parents. I used green for my dads love of gardening/landscaping and yellow for my moms perpetual happiness. My mom Kathleen worked in retail but is an artist at heart and never stops taking pictures. My dad Marcel was an iron worker and can design and build anything he sets his mind to. Both my parents are reserved and are not afraid to get their hands dirty.



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