21 Grams

21 Grams - student project

Hi Guys! Hope you all are enjoying the class.

I created my own brand, 21 Grams. My online store will be launching this weekend.

21 Grams - image 1 - student project

Why 21 Grams?

There is a theory that the weight of the human soul amounts to 21 grams. Hardly even an ounce, and yet each individual soul has such substance in stories and share. We at 21 Grams, choose to build our company around this concept of the soul. We aim to design from one soul to another, aiming to better convey stories of individuals in hopes of propelling a deeper understanding among people.


Target Audience:

College students, young adults. People who pay attention to art and design. 

Message (behind the design): 

We all have a story. Whether or not we will share our stories is the first step towards understanding; the willingness to listen to others’ stories is the next.

Living in the city and interacting with thousands of people, I have realized that as people we often judge before we listen. Have you ever spent a moment to stop and think about where these individuals come from? What lives they lead? Who they care about? What stories they have?

There is an old proverb that says, “Caring is a blessing, but to give is ultimate happiness.” Is there someone you care about? Has there been someone on your mind? We want to encourage you to write down a brief message to that someone and send off a little something showing them you care. Who knows what will come of it? We at 21 Grams just hope to propel the stories that have yet to unfold.


This weekend is my college's picnic day. Thousands of people from all over will come to celebrate and have fun. It's one of the big day for the school. We have designed a whole campaign design will have posters and postcards within the school to promote the brand.

Campaign Design:

In Chinese, people uses 5 senses to express stages of life: sweet, sour, spice, bitter and salty. Facial expressions are always the first and most accurate way to expression one's feeling, so I had a photo shoot of 5 different lip expressions and each of them indicate each sense. So when people look at different lip posters, they would often have a thought in mind of how that person with the lip is feeling. So maybe when people saw the happy lip poster, they will think "Oh! She seems happy!". However, since we want to convey a message of "Everybody has a hidden story". We also have another set of poster design with text on it, and the text indicates a message of what the person is actually feeling. For example, we have another poster with the text "What if it fails". Facial expressions is a way to express our feeling, but it could also be a way to hide our real feelings. So the tagline for this campaign is "Everybody has a hidden story. Listen. Care." Below are the poster designs.

21 Grams - image 2 - student project

Posters Design

21 Grams - image 3 - student project

T-shirt Design

21 Grams - image 4 - student project

Label Print

21 Grams - image 5 - student project

Front Graphic

21 Grams - image 6 - student project

Back Design

21 Grams - image 7 - student project

Graphics on a t-shirt paper wrap

21 Grams - image 8 - student project