20th Arrondissement Office

20th Arrondissement Office - student project

Update - December 10, 2013 (Final Presentation)

Well, I'm almost done with this project. I had terrific fun from beginning to end! To start, I'm sharing the before and after shots.


20th Arrondissement Office - image 1 - student project


20th Arrondissement Office - image 2 - student project

Using some of the feedback from Chris, I updated the floor plan to create better groupings of furniture, which then allowed space for an additional chair and an electric fireplace (because fireplaces are a thing in Paris!).

20th Arrondissement Office - image 3 - student project

Going back to my original mood boards, the first inspiration was the plum velvet drapes that I loved from my 20th eme Paris apartment. After sourcing those online, I also found the perfect chair to compliment my secondary color palette, goldenrod.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 4 - student project

I sourced this vintage Tufted French Provencial Accent Chair from an Etsy shop in Lubbock, Texas. The gold velvet fabric is in amazing shape and is original to the chair. The legs are painted gold and are also original to the chair. 

In my original mood board post, I mentioned that I wanted to focus on gold and champagne tones, variations of white, along with muted grays and blues. "Understated elegance and femininity is the goal for this very personal space."

The entire room got a new facelift with a muted gray / blue color that helped to make the white trim work really pop.

I repurposed my desk and positioned it in the middle of the room. I brought this simple Ikea desk to life by creating tufted panels on the front using french silk brocade fabric, filling, and upholstery pins. I also sourced a vintage gold and white porcelain light cover and a small, but dazzling chandelier.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 5 - student project

I further repurposed my Ikea bookcase and filing cabinet by spray painting (with MANY cans!) both pieces an heirloom antique white and customizing each with mouldings the same color. The ceiling was also accented with custom moulding that I painted gold.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 6 - student project

(ignore the nail holes - I still need to fill them in!)

My second mood board focused on the parquet floors, plum colors and 'old-world Paris'. One of my favorite purchases was this wool rug I found on Overstock. The round shape breaks up all of the straight lines in the room, provides texture and softness, feminity and even a punch of that plum, while still showcasing the wood flooring.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 7 - student project 

A family antique wood chair has found a home with an accent pillow, and I brought in fun plants in a variety of containers, including a plum ceramic and an antique brass serving bowl.

Although this Ikea bookcase was originally a floor unit, we flipped it on it's side and mounted it to the wall. Now dual purpose, it will hold my project binders and business books, and act as a work station on top, too.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 8 - student project

Besides the paint and mould trim treatments, I removed the standard file cabinet drawer pulls and opted for a vintage handle.

My third and final mood board showcased playfulness and iconic Paris inspirations. Here, you can see my project clipboard collection has now been mounted, but not before I took the spraycan to them! They're now a fun, metallic gold color - a perfect bit of shimmer.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 9 - student project

The 'Chemin des Eaux' (Path of Water) sign is an original that I sourced at a local flea shop in Portland and the new artwork features old-world Paris scenes.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 10 - student project

Details and styling meant simple items that have meaning to me, but didn't take up too much space. Sweet, soft, feminine rings true, from the coral tones in the plants, to the antique feather accent.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 11 - student project

Finally, here is my class presentation board. I very much look forward to your feedback!

20th Arrondissement Office - image 12 - student project

- - -

Update - November 16, 2013 (Floor Plan)

Hello! Below are the dimensions for my space :

Depth of room - 9 feet, 9 inches 

Length of room - 11 feet, 6 inches

After measuring the windows, furniture and noting electrical locations (which are placed exactly in the middle of all four walls), I used a free, online program I found at http://www.homestyler.com to create a digital version of my floor plan.

Here is what I came up with :

20th Arrondissement Office - image 13 - student project

I did quite a bit of additional research about the art of feng shui, which separates out a space into quadrants. 

20th Arrondissement Office - image 14 - student project

Being purposeful about placement in each of these quadrants, I moved the desk to the Southeast corner of the room, with my back to the corner so I can see both outside the window but am directly facing the door to greet guests.

This also puts my desk in the abundance and prosperity quadrant of the room. 

In the fame and reputation section, red is considered a power color so I'm happy that (albeit losely translated) that my plum velvet curtains will have a purpose beyond the original inspiration.

The filing cabinet has been moved into the creativity quadrant, where having a water element and plants are important. I'll be working that into my design.

The entrance to the room falls under the helpful people and travel area mainly, which is great as the back of the door is dedicated to inspiration for a new travel site that I am working on.

The bookshelf is being repurposed (more to come on that!) and will now be located in the wisdom & self awareness, as well as career and life purpose, quadrants. Perfect!

- - -

Update - November 6, 2013

My mood boards are up and ready! Right now, I'm leaning towards a color palette of deep purple, coming from the original inspiration (see below) and goldenrod. The hex codes I used in the font are 551033 and EEB422.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 15 - student project

In the first mood board, the plum takes a back seat as I focus on gold and champagne tones, variations of white, along with muted grays and blues. I enjoy clean, classic lines, and neutrals with pops of contrasting color. Understated elegance and femininity is the goal for this very personal space.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 16 - student project

In my second mood board, I'm focusing on pulling through the deep purple accent color and making it a bit more obvious that my theme is based in Paris. The tall, bright windows, antique mouldings, wrought iron and parquet floors all speak to an old-world Parisian apartment. During my latest trip, fur continues to be a major fashion statement.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 17 - student project

Lastly, my third mood board showcases the playfulness of architecture, lines, and iconic Paris life. I don't want my new space to seem overly vintage, however, so I've balanced that with examples of more modern inspiration such as the clean lines of the bags you see everyday on the Metro, and gold accents on a mid-century modern sideboard.


- - -

First Post -

During a recent trip to Paris, my apartment in the 20th eme was tucked into a quiet alley. It was perfectly French, with windows that opened up to let the sounds of the city in and a balcony to enjoy a glass of wine.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 18 - student project

The bedroom had an old desk that faced the street, with thick velvet curtains and a view that let lovely, natural light in all day.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 19 - student project

I found that while the space was small and simple, I truly enjoyed the atmosphere for working. 

That realization made me sit back and think about my home office. My husband and I moved into our house 11 months ago and while every living space has been decorated to some extent, I've mostly focused on the spaces that would be frequented by guests. 

What a shame, really, as I came to realize that the rooms that I have spent so much time focusing on weren't occupied nearly as much as my office. And why was I waiting so long to make my own personal space one that I loved?

Not that I haven't tried. I've been so indecisive as to what I should do with my home office that at one point the walls looked more like a patchwork quilt of paint samples!

Now, here it is. In it's mismatched, unloved, current state. I haven't touched up this image at all.

20th Arrondissement Office - image 20 - student project

The room I am working with has the following attributes :

  • 11 feet, 6 inches by 9 feet, 8.5 inches
  • Hardwood floors
  • A single, overhead light
  • Window at one end of the room
  • Door at the other (I took this picture while standing in the door frame)

I do not plan on purchasing all new furniture, but will be repurposing some of it.

My inspiration is my 20th eme apartment and it's chocolate-plum curtains. I want the space to be slightly feminine, a sense of luxury while maintaining simplicity. For me, the perfect feeling would evoke old-world Paris without being cliché.

I don't mind making the space feel closed in, as long as it's comfortable. Paris apartments are small and my home office is not meant to entertain guests.

I look forward to going through this process in a more structured way and am anxious to see the evolution of a misused space into a beautiful, working environment.