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What's good folks my name is Sniper Streets and I live in Birmingham, Alabama. Here are ten shots I selected for my project aiming tell you about my city and demonstrate my wide range of shots in the streets.


Welcome to Birmingham, AL. June in The Ham is hot and humid. The warmth of the city challenges my creative process due to my moodier vibes and vision. This is essence SniperStreets; clean and cool.


On the street the look up is on of my favorite shots. I'm always striving to reach the highest vantage point possible to shoot from but, from down below, with the small Bham skyline, I search for reflections and lines that overachieve on the true size of the city.


With a banging amount of business growth and refurbishing, The Magic City has seen an increase in suburban dwellers coming into the urban enviroment. I love the colors in this shot. The texture in the ivy really helps bring out the speead at which the car is moving. Birmingham is not a concrete jungle and has much foilage along many streets.


But like any city there are those fighting to live everyday. Most homeless folks I've encountered ask for change and some even share a conversation. Although our circumstances are extordinalry different, these people are a part of my city and I look forward to my street portraits growing to become more up close and personal to tell their story.


Off the streets, abondoned biuldings, or bandos as I call them, are super lit to explore! It's eery feeling a part of somthing left behind but so far all of my most engossing shots have been produced in bandos. Here I'm using the lines of the biuldings roof to create a feeling of depth and even peace, using the empty structrure and smooth curves.


Some photographers focus first on light but I focus on lines/compostion. Lines inspire me! Here I'm using the lines of a chain link fence to take away from the negative space of the sky and aim the viewers eyes at my subject. There's nothing doper than pulling off the shot you envision.


With architecure, sometimes just rotating a shot can complety baffle the viewer as to what they're seeing. Water relfections are another way I can cheat the viewers eyes a little bit. I am constantly looking out for shots where I can create visual distoritons and illusions.


Birmingham is Home to several Universities, the bigest of which is UAB (Univerisity of Alabama at Birmingham) which is located of the south side of town. UAB has a renowned medical program and the hospital architecure produces some lit shots.


The four Color Tunnels, that run under the train tracks running through the center of town, are one of the most consistent photogenic attractions in town.You'll get a different shot everytime you come here.


My favorite aspect of street photography is the unpexcted. Those opportune shots and moments that you never can anticiapte. While roaming the streets one night, I found a pair of J's lying in the middle of the street. Safe to say this is on of my all time favorite photos that I've captioned "Air Trippin".

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