2019 GOALS ROADMAP - student project

2019 GOALS ROADMAP - image 1 - student project

Have an ambitious year ahead of me. Want to quit my day job and make a living solely on artistic endeavors. Had a business for 12 years and stopped due to many personal problems. This past year I participated in several Instagram Challenges and realized I needed to make art every day not just on weekends or few times every other month. Have a  3 diverse goal: BUSINESS  to turn into bread and butter to replace job (PawsRcharming)......My Passion (ArtsyAnaFlorida) Get into POD and design prints for kid's room and patterns for fabric and surface design...Slowly start my Acrylic painting Exhibition career but this is a goal that I will go slow with since it is personal and will have no commercial direction ( I will paint it how I want it and what I want) will do prints to sell as an additional income stream. Signed up for your email newsletter and have done your other skillshare classes which sparked my love for surface design but I am still learning Illustrator and need to find a style but this is the year I will really start. I am a bit old (early 50's ok kind of mid 50) and waited too long to start which is a worse mistake than failing or showing your early attempts. Very inspiring class. Can't wait to see your resources and ideas to get me going on my goal.I am printing this and putting it in front of my computer to see every day. Thanks for the class. Ana