2018 HTML5 Reference Page

I took everything I could from the lessons on a reference page.  I went to W3C and used the validator to update the code with the most recent changes.  On the W3C website, I found terms we hadn't learned and put them where appropriate.   The top of the page is a table of contents where users can jump to the section they wish to learn about.  There are three things wrong with the doc that I will not change and that is because the doc is on a server.  They are evident.  I built the page for me because I know I will forget what I learned.  I have pieces of information stored on files dating from the 90s on HTML because I never used it consistently.  Now it is all in one place.  I will be volunteering to update www.emphysema.net.  If you'd a copy of the page you can find me there.  Nancy Ba63a5c17cb3a38aa


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