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2015 Floral Calendar

I really love Rifle Paper Co. and the beautiful work they create. Their stationery pieces are all so so cute! I got inspired and created this Rifle Paper Co.-esque calendar. I was originally going to just create it for the month of August, but loved the flower crown so much that I wanted it to last for the rest of the year! It took me a total of about 4 or 5 days, taking it slow, to complete this. This was my first time really working with Illustrator, and it was definitely a learning experience! I played with Photoshop a bit and found it much easier since the tools were very similar. But can I just say I love the Pencil tool?? Haha definitely a favorite.

Shelley did a great job of explaining each of the tools! I found that watching her explain each part, and then going into Illustrator myself and trying them were the best ways for me to get the hang of everything. I'm so glad I took this class! :)

Here is my finished project:


The process:

I wish I had more pictures of of the beginning of the process, but totally forgot to take screenshots! :( I loved creating different kinds of flowers and making branches, etc. I found that making an ellipse and putting it behind all the flowers was the best way to keep the prefect oval shape!



Once I finished the floral wreath, I played with different fonts. (I originally thought I wanted to make an August calendar.)



One thing I also found difficult was getting the months to be the perfect and same exact size. They would change in font size, but would be hard to change in spacing since it was set on Auto. I used the shift key to keep playing and messing around with them until they were the right size!


Overall, I am very pleased with this class and my finished product! I definitely recommend this class!

Note: I had some trouble saving the final product because it didn't save as the high quality that I wanted it to be. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on making this image more high quality?? Please let me know!


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