2014 pocket calendar

2014 pocket calendar - student project

Every year for Christmas I give away self-made things. Everyone gets the same thing, this year I wanted to give pocket calendars to everyone. I signed up for a book binding class in "real life" but it got cancelled (apparently not so many people are interested in that skill), so here I am once again on skillshare.

I prepared the files for printing before I started the class, here's an example page of the calendar:

2014 pocket calendar - image 1 - student project

So I've printed them all, cut the pages, made sure the dates were sorted in the right way and glued them together.

First problem: I used my bench vice to fix the staple of paper. I don't have a press (and there's not a lot of time left until Christmas so I didn't have time to build one) and the calendars are only 1/4 to 1/2 the size of books so that didn't work either. I thought the bench vice would be a nice way to do it but it turned out that it's quite greased so two out of eight calendars are out now due to grease stains :-( I'll continue anyway and see how the rest turns out...

The next problem has arisen: I'm not in the US and I couldn't find a double-sided tape roller here. I just glued the endsheets to the paper. I hope that didn't mess it all up...


Stuff I learned in the past few days of book binding:

* glue does not mess up the endsheets.
* double-sided tape does exist in Europe. It's incredibly expensive but I love it.
* glue does mess up paper for cover if it's not the right kind of paper (gift wrap does NOT work, it creases and wrinkles. but i did love that pattern...)
* there's a new art supplies store in my city, I want to move into it.
* they do have the right kind of paper
* the carton for my covers was too thin for the first calendar I made.
* the carton I bought then was too thick (still looking for the right thickness)
* spray-glue is awesome for the covers

et voilà:

2014 pocket calendar - image 2 - student project

10 calendars to go till Christmas - I can do it!

Pamela Kultscher

you live and learn