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Christie Casselring

Graphic Designer



2014 Global Finals Logo & Branding

UPDATES 9/13/13:

Logo was approved. Beginning to develop web and print materials.





Here is my mood board so far. I am using the photo with the falling confetti as my inspiration. It's a picture from last year's event. The color palette is taken directly from the colors of the confetti and I'm trying to use the concept of falling confetti as a decorative element. The triangles will be a stylized representation that can also be used as a repeated pattern in other materials. Feedback is appreciated!

Globals Logo Mood Board

Creating a branding system for my company's yearly event-Global Finals 2014. We are a non-profit creative problem solving competition for kids. This is the annual tournament attended by children from around the world. A total of 16,000 attendees 8,000 of which are kids Kindergarten through College.


  • Program
  • Website
  • Printed Guides
  • Tickets
  • Badges
  • Souvenirs
  • Tee Shirts
  • Signage
  • Jumbotron/stage backdrops
  • Posters

Here's the tricky part:

This year, our CEO is convinced we have to include our entire company's logo within the logo of any events we do. As you can see it's a little tricky. I am trying to find examples or a good argument why we don't need to do that. Either type treatment only, or just the mark is what I'm shooting for.

Here are the logos I created for last year's event:


(sorry these were the only versions I was able to snag online-black background shouldn't be there)

And here is the previous year:


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