2013 - my year of habits

All of my goals involve habit-forming. Which I'm better at than habit-breaking. I'm a student, which means I spend TONS of time sitting at a desk, that i have constant access to crappy food, and that I need to stay on top of my homework and project-doing. It also means that I have a free gym membership (well - it's in my tuition, at any rate). The long and short of it is: I want to stop living like a student, while still getting all my schoolwork done

My three biggest goals:

1) Form evening and morning routines that WORK for me (help me stay on track with my health goals)

2) Maintian regular exercise for a whole year

3) Maintain the healthy diet I've been getting so good at for mealtime, and reduce or eliminate the spontaneous snacking I do - which tends to be unhealthy food.

These all invovle mini goals. So here they are

1) Routine

  • Morning
    • Stretch
    • Find a new breakfast breakfast (one that's just as healthy as the oatmeal I've been eating, but that I'm not completely sick of. Bonus points if it's portable)
  • Daytime habits
    • Regular exercise (see below)
    • Improved/eliminated impulse eating
    • Study habits
  • Night
    • Floss
    • Straighten my habitat (ufyh.tumblr.com) - I just get so much more done when my house is clean!
    • Make coffee, and put sugar in my cup the night before (Keeps me from impulsively taking an extra scoop)

2) Exercise

  • start with 12 weeks SL
    • re-evaluate
  • 20 minutes of cardio, 3x weekly (split as necessary)
    • re-evaluate with SL in 12 weeks

3) Impulsive eating

  • Carry around a water bottle like I used to
    • make sure hunger isn't thirst
    • re-evaluate with SL

As you can probably tell, this is a lot for one go. So I'm going to prioritize them (exercise first, then habits, then eating) and see how many I've stuck with in 12 weeks. At that point, I will reprioritize, so that I stay challenged and keep myself accountable. Hopefully I will have gotten through most of my mini-goals, so I can set more, and ultimately get towards my big 3. I already have re-evaluation date with myself in April!


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