2013 - back to health

I used to be thinner. 

No, seriously, I was. In fact, I am back to my peak weight that I had reached in high school. However, much of it is muscle mass, as I don't look my weight as I did back then. However, I have gained a few pounds and I feel lethargic and am suffering from different ailments -- IBS, anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc.

I think back to when I exercised regularly and remember how healthy I felt, and how health really wasn't a concern for me. I am still young (not yet 30) and I want to be healthy again. 

I joined the YMCA near my place of work, so that a) I'd be encouraged to go to work after going to the Y, and b) so that I'd be encouraged to go to the Y before work. I think it should help motivate me. At least, I hope so. 

I'm taking this course as a refresher, and I hope it help at least to point me in the right direction. 


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