2013: This year will be better.

In reflection, 2012 epitomized everything that I don't want to be.  I made a lot of bad decisions and looking back, they all add up to where I am today:  disappointed and out of shape.  

I ate poorly, exercised rarely, ignored little injuries to my body, and blamed most of it on being too busy.     Unfortunately, I'm seeing that the once happy and active person that I was has evolved into a lazy, out of shape, and inactive unhappy self.  

I don't like where I am in life, but I'm more scared of where I am going.  At 34, I know that it is getting closer to now or never for lifestyle change.  What is sore knees and achy back today could be pretty serious with the extra weight that I carry.  

It's time for a change.  

I do not want to set a long term goals, but rather short attainable goals.  To do that, here's a summary of an awful 2012:

  1. Exercise:  1x per week at hour tennis night.  Attempted jogging 2 different months, never made it past day 3.  
  2. Eating:  Fast food:  Average of 5+ times per week.  Mostly lunches.  Portion size:  way too large. Fruit intake:  1-2 hommade fruit smoothies per week, mostly out of taste preference, not health decision. Embarassingly bad eating habits.  
  3. Gluten.  (I have a gluten alergy).  Never tried to avoid gluten.  Not once. 
  4. Sleep.  I'd go to be early only when the food coma of over-eating hit hard.  
  5. Water Intake.  Probably a C- for water consumption.  Still enjoy diet soda too much.
  6. Cycling:  0.  Swimming:  0.  Pool pass unused in 2012.  

Looking ahead to 2013. 

Here are my goals for this year.  They are open-ended and leave a lot of work left for implementation.  

  1. Set an attainable fitness goal every month that includes 5+ days per week of exercise.  (January has been Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, I'm 14 for 14 so far!  February will likely be cycling or swimming before/after work)
  2. Create a plan to limit fast food intake.  ( Bring lunch to work, cook more dinner to have leftovers, etc )
  3. Sign up and train for small triathlons.  (I did them in 2011, had a blast, and got fit in the process).  
  4. Find reasonable alternatives to gluten.  (Let's be honest, the crackers taste like cardboard.  There are some decent beer options though!)
  5. Increase water intake, decrease soda intake.  
  6. Enjoy fitness.  Incorporate cycling, swimming, basketball, and other forms of fitness that make me happy.  

Thanks for reading, 



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