2013 Goals

I am a serial (or maybe I should say cereal!) dieter who is a slave to carbs and the sofa/computer/chocolate.  My husband saw the light 5 years ago and transformed his body into something amazing!  I want to join in too!  I am at the threshold of hitting medical issues related to weight and I completely don't want to go there.

My biggest obstacle is myself.  Traditionally, I'll start off strong, but then the kids get sick, or I get sick, or life gets busy. ME is the first thing dropped of my priority list like so many Moms.  Well, move on over kids, ME is back in the mix so get ready for waiting it out in the Childwatch room or for getting your bottoms in gear to keep up with ME!

My aim is to become someone for whom healthy eating/lifestyle is second nature.  To get there, here are my goals for the first 4 months of the year.

Complete the New Year's Resolution Challenge at my YMCA

  1. NO EXCUSES!  I hit up against this one today.  My 6 year old is sick, so I had to miss my group  training session.  If I don't hear from my trainer by the time the kiddos are in bed, I'm going to repeat  the strength session from the first session last week.  I will need to make some modifications as I don't have anything beyond dumbbells and DVDs, but I have a purpose, so I should be good!
  2. If I get sick to the point of kicking up my asthma, do as much as I can until I'm breathing freely again and JUMP BACK IN!  No throwing in the towel this time.
  3. Don't waver from the plan of the day!  This means dressing for the gym and going directly there from school drop off.  Prepare the night before for success and I'll be most of the way there.
  4. Get serious about the nutritional component.  This past week was to drink a gallon of water each day.  I hit the mark about 4 days.  This week is the water plus eating a salad each day.  I will do this.
  5. Track, track, track!!  Fito for exercise, sending copy to trainer for input and MFP for food!  Also, take measurements.  I want as much info as possible to keep me motivated!  I will have a before and after body comp report when challenge is done at the end of February.

Be an active participant in the [email protected] program this year

  1. NO EXCUSES!  Each week you need to hit an ever increasing number of exercise minutes and I WILL!
  2. Complete C25K program for cardio workout and complete a 5k by my 45th birthday in May.
  3.  Promptly enter minutes to getfit so my team gets credit for my hard work

Research eating plans and pick one!

  1. The Y challenge is paleo-centric which is completely orthogonal to my WW history.  Pick one, and commit!
  2.  Track, track, track on MFP
  3. Be prepared by setting a firm shopping date and food plan and STICK TO IT!

Weekly (at least at the beginning) check ins.

  1. What worked well?
  2. What failed miserably?
  3. What could have/should have been avoided?
  4. What can I do to make next week better?
  5. Celebrate the positive changes in my life as they happen, don't wait for the "final product" because there isn't one!  And for the love of God, don't celebrate with food!
  6. Take above information and make next week better!
  7. Take monthly measurements, don't obsess over number on the scale.  It's a number, not who I am.


Get my head in the game!

  1. Stop the negative self-talk.  When I stumble, and I know I will, I will pick myself up, jump back in and congratulate myself for going on.
  2. Start the positive self-talk.
  3. Go to sleep at a decent hour
  4. No more late night snack binges.  If you're hungry and your done for the day, see c above!  Go to bed!!
  5.  Use the support of my family/friends and social networking to keep my focused on my goals and to help get over the rough times.

As goals are reached, reach for new ones!

  1. Rinse and repeat


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