2013 Goals and positive fitness habit action plan

Re-reading the project description, I think I have a better handle this time!  Feedback is most welcome :)  Good luck with your goals and action plans, everyone.

This is how my 2013 goals were written in the Fitocracy group:

  1. Reduce BMI by 3
  2. Get back into my favorite jeans
  3. Complete the couch to 5k training podcast
  4. Be able to do one "real" push-up

350 days left to achieve this for this year...

Those are still my goals, but there is some structure here that is relevant to an action plan:

#3 is the only action step I listed.  It should support 1 & 2, but the outcome of #3 is actually going the 5k, right? #4 doesn't seem supported at all. Since the project it to create an action plan for one positive fitness habit, I'll stick with #3.

Positive fitness habit action plan:

GOAL: Establish a healthy fitness habit of walking so that I can go 5k without stopping

Action plan:

  • Download Couch -> 5 k podcast
  • Put podcast training schedule on Google calendar with reminders
  • Make a checksheet to mark off the # of training sessions in the podcast
  • Record my 5k training details in fitocracy
  • schedule a review at the end of the 5k training session to note performance and progress.

REWARD: when I complete the last session and go 5k without stopping, buy some cute socks or laces for my shoes


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