2013 = 2012 + 1

Last year, I started the year fantastically well. I lost 8kg, put on a bunch of muscle, got a long stronger, and was feeling great. Unfortunately, in the second half of the year, i had some mass exams that hermitted me away from life for months. My diet slipped back, I stopped exercising, and I got weak again. This year, I weighed myself again, and I'm heavier and more out of shape than ever (it doesn't seem to take much to slip backwards).

So, this year is a new year, and is going to be even better than last year (hence +1).

My goals for this year are:

  • get back to between 65 and 70kg
  • get down to 10% body fat
  • learn to do at least one muscle up
  • develop visible abs

Steps I have taken so far:

  • I have started tracking my calories again, not so much to keep exact numbers but to keep myself accountable
  • I have re-tooled the workout that I was doing last year (basically bodyweight strength training)
  • I have thrown myself back into the fitocracy community (they were so helpful and inspiring last year, I can only assume they will continue to be so this year)
  • I am getting my wife back into diet and exercise as well so I have some moral support and we can be fit together :)

Good luck everyone!!!!


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