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Domingo Moronta

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2010 Estate Viognier


It's a semi-translucent golden color, akin to apple juice that's been watered down a tad, like 25% of it full golden potential. 


There's that intiial rubbing alcohol hit, right off the bat, like that whiff you get from it when you're cleaning a small cut. Right on its heels is that sweetness, almost honey-esque or nectar-ish, like a really ripened/over-ripened peach or nectarine (or whatever those fuzzless peaches are called).


  • I get a real sweetness, almost like eating those cans of mixed fruit with those tender peaches, in it. It's not that cloying, but there's a real mellowness to this.
  • I don't taste any sense of bitterness, but there is a bit of a pop of acidity towards the back of my tongue.
  • There's that sense of your tongue returning to itself after being hit with acidity almost like eating those salt and vinegar chips. You get hit with the acidity and then there's that sweetness that creeps in after the salt/vinegar wears away.
  • There's a lingering oilyness or slickness in the back of my throat like after a getting one of those lozenges to tampen down your cough symptoms. There's a slipperiness back there... time for more drinking!
  • There's no wood or oak to this meaning it's probably a stainless steel barrel/fermentation process.


It's such a great wine to sit and wander through youtube videos with, something there that will acoompany you through a nice night of just relaxing, not complicating it more than just 'hey, what's up... chill out, that's a funny youtube!' Who doesn't want that kind of a friend?!



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