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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I remember this book fondly from years ago. Before reading it, I had little inkling of how far a league is (~5.5km), and I thought the story would be about going very deep into the ocean (evidently about 110,000km deep). When I figured out that it was talking about traveling 20,000 leagues horizontally, all underwater, I was disappointed, but also intrigued at what a different story the book had to tell.

Of course, the characters are what ultimately make a book stick, but the visuals and creativity certainly weren’t lacking either. I picked this book because of its childish richness.

An updated sketch. I decided to go with the waterline option, because it reflects the duality in the book—how the above-water appearances can be fine while below the surface things can be terribly out of balance. The glowing nature of the underwater section represents the touchy, electric nature of an obsessed sailor, and also the electric attack/defense of the sub.

Just a first go at a digital rendering. I keep my screen pretty bright. Are the levels ok? Feedback welcome!


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