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20 minutes to glory: Quickly create brilliant presentations that showcase your skills

Whether you are in design, IT, business or any other area of work, delivering a successful presentation is a quick way to help your colleagues and to showcase your expertise.


Your course facilitator, Andrew Biro, has created presentations and training for martial arts, railway safety, customer conversations, legal investigations, use of medicines, service and hundreds of other topics.  


In this course, he breaks down the steps to create brilliant high-value presentations and provides you with bite-sized shortcuts, templates, hints and skills. And a bit of reassurance as well.


By the end, you’ll be able to create a powerful and practical 20 minute presentation session that will wow your colleagues and demonstrate your knowledge and skills. 

 And of course, this class is 20 minutes in total!


Presentation glory! Create a 20 minute presentation to wow your colleagues 

Your goal is create a powerful 20 minute presentation on your current work, start-up, design or hobby that helps your colleagues and showcase your skills.

 I provide you with slides to prompt and guide you through the design process: you simply need to apply your own expertise and creativity to them.

This assignment will not only give you a great presentation ready to use, but also a shortcut structure and approach for all your future presentations.


Create a 5 - 6 slide presentation (using our presentation guide) for your workplace, business or hobby, broken into three milestones:

Milestone1:  Setting the scene: What the session is about and how it will benefit the participants  (1 slide)

Milestone 2: Key information: What you need to know about this topic (3 - 4 slides) 

Milestone 3: Call to action: What you would like your participants do now (1 sides)

The comments on each milestone will help you direct and develop your presentation as you go, making the process as simple and easy as possible. 


Introduction to this course (3 mins)

  • How do you feel about presenting?
  • What makes a presentation awful, okay, good or brilliant?
  • About the course:
    • What you will be able to do (eg Avoid common mistakes, create a great presentation in bite sized pieces)
    • How this can help you 
    • What this course is not about
  • And to prove you can create a great 20 minute presentation this SkillShare course is only 20 minutes itself!


Body: Three phases of a presentation (3 mins)

  • Understanding the three phases of presentation
    • Introduction
    • Body/main part
    • Call to action
  • How using these three phases will help you get buy in, engage and motivate 


Body: Creating your own introduction (3 mins)

  • Asking the 3 key questions
  • Structuring your introduction
  • Addressing common mistakes: vagueness, lack of benefit, lack of focus
  • Chuck Norris example


BODY: Create the body of your presentation (5 mins)

  • What information do participants need?
  • Creating the structure (using 3- 4 main points at most)
  • Hints and tips to build the slides
  • Addressing common mistakes: too much content, no outcome, monotonous presentation
  • Chuck Norris example


 BODY: Create your call to action (3 mins)

  • What do you want the participants to do afterwards?
  • How do you make the outcome practical and useful? 
  • How do you acknowledge and deal with barriers? 
  • Addressing common mistakes: lack of time, vague or impractical call to action
  • Chuck Norris example


CALL TO ACTION: Develop your own presentation (3 mins)

  • Use the slides to create your presentation in 3 bite-sized pieces and share each as you go for discussion:
    • Introduction 
    • Body 
    • Call to action 
  • Be open and generous in provide and accepting feedback
  • Delivering the presentation:
    • See the bonus materials on myths and hints – these will provide reassurance and info
    • Once you have designed a presentation well, delivery should be much easier
    • Start designing now and good luck!



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