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20 daily referents

This is what I have for my list right now. I think it will probably change a bit when I get farther along in the project.

  1. Wake up to first alarm
  2. Snooze / turn off alarms
  3. Wake up to second alarm
  4. Shower
  5. Contemplate clothes / get dressed
  6. Pack bags
  7. Ride bike to work
  8. Breakfast and coffee
  9. Check email/social networks
  10. Work on web programming and/or design tasks
  11. Lunch (usually at desk)
  12. Work on more tasks
  13. Send daily email
  14. Ride home
  15. Rest / check phone
  16. Greet roommates
  17. Prepare dinner (talking with roommates)
  18. Watch movie with roommates
  19. Stay up late on laptop
  20. Sleep


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