20 Years in the Making

20 Years in the Making - student project

Hi everyone! This is the 2nd Skillshare class about style discovery that I joined and (boy) I'm so happy I found this. The first one didn't do much for me as it was purely exercises with few to zero tips but THIS offered me self-discovery. I've been drawing since 4th grade. I started with anything teachers asked us to illustrate until drawing the cartoons I watched became a hobby. Then I went to college and everyone else around me told me that I won't make a living out of it so there goes the hiatus. I took a job, made a living, got busy, and realized that it's been almost 20 years. I left my 10-year job three months ago not to take an adventure but to pause.

Over the weeks, I became more and more passionate about learning and practicing. I'm used to making graphite portraits but the inaccuracy frustrates me. Despite the wows, I find it hard to appreciate my final product. Then I tried watercolor. I learned pretty fast but watercolor does not stand the test of time. And then recently, I chanced upon artists all over the world and thought about learning acrylic and oil. I haven't started yet but I've been doing some studies. The problem is, I have not identified my style yet. And the absence of it will surely get me nowhere no matter how passionate I am. 

So, this really helps. I still have a long way to go but this project reminded me of the things I don't get tired seeing. 

20 Years in the Making - image 1 - student project

These are not just childhood interests. It's all my life, actually. 


  1. Legos. I started with Legos as a kid then I switched to making floor plans. To this day, I still get stunned by skyscrapers and architectural designs. 
  2. Harry Potter. I read most of the books and watched all the films growing up. I love everything about it - the colors, the wardrobe, the details, the moving paintings on the staircases, and most especially, the visual effects. It's the other world anyone would want to be part of.
  3. Boracay Island. It was paradise. This photo is exactly how it looks in real life. So whenever I see a painting with Blue, Green, and White, it somehow lures me into the belief that perfection exists. 
  4. Da Vinci Journals. Growing up, I've known Da Vinci as the painter of Mona Lisa. Then in high school, I learned that he kept journals and that he was more than just a painter. So in college, I bought blank notebooks and wrote my notes on Engineering as neatly as possible. I guess this is the reason why I'm very particular with the cleanliness and balance on my artworks.
  5. Naruto. I found myself watching Naruto again a couple of months ago. It's more than just a group of kids defending their town and their friends. This is one of the longest-running anime with hundreds of characters but the animators managed to make each character unique and powerful. And no matter how colorful the costumes are, for some reason, everything blends well in each frame.
  6. Lion King. Not sure if this is here because of the art in it or because of the music. LOL. I saw this movie when I was 6 and haven't seen it since. But this still made today's list so there must be something in it. I'll find a way to see this again and update this post once I'm done.
  7. France. Why not? People. Culture. Places. Art. Music. France vomits with stories and emotions and questions and ideas every minute every second. Just the thought of it alone can make a person grab a pen and paper.
  8. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I love Titanic, but no. I love Inferno, but no. Honestly, I forgot what this movie is about. But the cinematography is sooooo beautiful, I can make a painting out of it for years. 


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