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20 Minutes of Yoga

I am going to do 20 minutes of yoga each day. I've discovered (through this class) that for me, I am FANTASTIC at setting and reaching goals. If I say I am going to do something I usually will end up doing it. But I REALLY struggle with sustaining the habits from whatever that goal is long term.

For example, making a goal to do the whole 30 challenge but then not keeping up the good habit after the 30 days are over. This is kind of what Tiago was talking about the high achieving people. Totally me! 

It was also nice to identify why my habits tend to not stick. Little things I do in the morning that throw off my whole schedule. 

My most consistant habit is walking my dog twice a day because....well ya know. His bowels. That's why I try to anchor as many good habits around this activity as possible because it happens EVERYDAY without fail and will for the next few months (untill I go on this trip I am going on). 

Here is my template which I loved filling out.

I am a sucker for a pdf! 


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