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Abby Carney

Freelance writer and content creator



$20 Credit, On Us

This wasn't a traditional email marketing campaign, though I'm sure similar messages were tailored to other inactive Everlane customers as well. 

It caught my attention first and foremost, because of the subject line. "$20 On Us." Um, hello?! Sometimes a brand will make gimmicky promises just to get a click, but I knew Everlane's reputation, and so I trusted this was a genuine offer. 

Honestly, this email is what sparked the beginning of an incredibly loyal consumer relationship on my end. I'd never purchased from the company prior to this, because I'm a bit of a bargain shopper, and considered their clothing a bit out of my price range. Being enticed with a completely no-strings attached offer like this made it easy for me to try them out, and of course, I loved what I got and continue to buy from them.

It's also the personal touch. Clearly their customer support team made a project out of researching everyone on their subscriber list and monitoring their behavior. It was so intuitive that she generally guessed why I hadn't yet made a purchase. 

It didn't hurt that the copy was also succinct and non-intrusive. Instead of being overly-declarative, she ended with a question - "Would $20 of credit help?" 


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