2 year progress update!

2 year progress update! - student project


** UPDATE **


I did this class originally about 2 years ago. However, recently I did a second similar project and I think it shows my improvement in painting over two years! This time around I did a pre-drawing rather than just free-handing it, which I think helped. However I also did a lot more with shadows, and there is increased contrast between light and dark. I'm very happy with how it turned out and can't wait to gift this to the bride to be. Thank you 2 years later for the continued inspiration!


A note for my fellow painters - though I mostly used wc tubes for this project, the bright pink is from Dr PH Martin radiant line (sunrise pink). I know it is fugitive but I can't help using it - the vibrancy is unmatched in regular pigment-based watercolors! I also used Sennelier bright yellow green, which is particularly vibrant.


2 year progress update! - image 1 - student project


Here is the sketch (lots of pencil, eventually went over with a fine liner and transferred to my watercolor paper, though I made some changes after a first draft to make the background leaves larger):


2 year progress update! - image 2 - student project





Hi Irina, 


Thanks so much for your class! I didn't follow your steps exactly, but I watched the whole series and it helped me/inspired me to make my own bouquet. I painted this as a bridal shower gift with the bride's new name. 





2 year progress update! - image 3 - student project