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2 week MoDeRn ArT workshop

My class Abstract Art with a Twist launched in late 2015.  I worried about being successful with a workshop, but now realize that I probably should have hosted it earlier.  I have watched my stats move up fast by creating buzz around the workshop, keeping the class and workshop free for limited times, and promoting the workshop.


I do not have a large following outside Skillshare that recognizes me as an artist.  I paint and have taught in the past, but I also own a small business and work a full-time, unrelated job.  Still, I have slowly integrated an identity as an artist into my social media channels (Insta, FB, Twitter, and yes -- even Linked In).  The cover image above was one of my insta posts to promote my workshop.  Now, I show student work and inspiration from the workshop.  (Less of a "sales-y" feeling, more of a "content" feeling)

I encourage my students to use the hashtag #modernartmasters whenever possible.


When I feel that I am getting too long-winded for a discussion post or even the script from my videos, I post a link to my blog with extra resources.  I realize this takes the student away from their Skillshare project space (and I need them to make those projects!), but it also gives students who want something even deeper -- even about a "tangent topic" -- some options.  (And it's totally optional for them to click or not click, so they aren't being overwhelmed with info.)

AMA - I did not give my students enough heads-up time before announcing that I am hosting one (tomorrow, y'all!).  But, I did poll my students and found that some want one mid-week, mid-day; and some want an AMA on Sunday at 3 pm.  So I will probably have half those interested in the AMA at each session.  More work for me, but in the beginning, I'm willing to do that.

Giveaways:  An Art-o-carton from a collaborative group of artists I'm with called Art-o-mat.


Plus 2 Etsy gift certificates to an awesome bakery.


I also post to social media interest groups and have seen some success from that -- I think.  It's not easy to track our students completely on the back end in Skilshare, but I always see a bump after my group postings.


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