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Christina Stuhlmuller

Surface Pattern Design and Illustration



2 Weeks to Perfect Patterns~Moodboard~'Tis the Season


I had an overwhelming amount of sketches and elements and had a rough time narrowing them down. I spent days playing with the first pattern, trying to make things fit adding color, distributing color and even working on elements I didn't end up using at all (to the right).



I decided to edit the amout of elements used in the first pattern (above). I wanted to create movement by the placement of the curved elements. I like the pattern okay, but felt it was too busy for the eye and is hard to look at after a while. I also realized, while I love the color pallate I used it was becoming a distration with the busyness of the pattern.



I decided to try a more subtle color palate and narrow down the amount of color from 6 swatches to 4. I immediately loved what was created. I also feel it represents my mood board well, the beige and light color reflect the weeds at the tree ranch during our CA drought, and the small amount of texture gives this pattern a vintage feel. I see this as gift wrap and would even consider adding a spot metallic to the texture.



The first set of sketches are about the dry weeds I took pictures of at the tree ranch. The following two were done one cold afternoon where I was just in a doodle zone, looking back at my moodboard for inspriation. I am a little overwhelmed with sketches and need to pair it down and then clean up the details.  I hope to add texture as well to create the vintage style. Lots of work to do, glad we are expecting rain over the next few days:) Ironic, since my original inspriation was the dry tall weeds at the Christmas tree farm. Would love suggestions on how to narrow down some of these.





I love taking pictures of interesting shapes and colors in nature. I recently took a trip to a christmas tree ranch in the California Santa Cruz Mountains and was inpired by my surroundings. In an land full of evergreens it was clear to me the effects of our drought. I was in love with all of the tall skinny dry weeks growing throughout. Especially the colors of the dried out plants against the green trees. Unfortunately I lost about 30 pictures of the various weeds when I tried to transfer to my computer. Thankfully, I had started sketching the day before so I do have a place to start. I also love the color and style of vintage christmas images. The pics in my mood board are screenshots from searches I did on pinterest. I'm looking forward to seeing how this pattern comes to life and evolves into something fun. On another note, I'm not thrilled with the name "tis the season, but that is all that I could think of at the moment. It may change once I have a final pattern.


I took a lot of pictures of flowers throughout my neigborhood and while on vacation in Big Sur, CA. I found the picture of the bee and the arrangement online. I chose the arrangement to use as my original color palette.

My sketches/doodles are very rough so much of my time was spent enhancing or redrawing them in illustrator. I used a wacom tablet to trace my sketches, but it was the first time I used it, so they were not perfect and needed lots of work. I took the orignal sketches/tracings apart and duplicated them and created a whole new floral element.



Ta-da, my very first repeating pattern design!


Changing the color variations is addicting, narrowed it down to these 3.


Playing with the background color is addicting as well!


Thank you for a fun class Elizabeth. I'm looking forward to building more patterns.


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