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2 Places at Once

  1. only play the show that will result in more money for the band
  2. only play the show that the most fans will be at
  3. hologram !
  4. live stream from one to the other
  5. have back up band play at one show, live stream the singer
  6. have robots play one stage that mimic the movements of the band members on the stage cross-country
  7. have a DJ friend play all the band's greatest hits but remixed
  8. give everyone at the show you couldn't go to access to a free download of the band's album or hit single
  9. Gorillaz-type thing with animated characters playing alongside livestream of band playing
  10. bbok a similar band
  11. see if you can switch spots with another band that plays later in one festival, allowing time for travel
  12. don't play either festival, instead play a smaller setting that may be broadcasted out to reach more people
  13. split the band in half - send one half to each festival
  14. invite fans to vote
  15. invite fans to sing
  16. hold a fan contest
  17. negotiate with both festival planners and see which can give you the most 
  18. play the superbowl instead 
  19. make it into an app game 
  20. fan contest - whichever audience donates the most to band's favorite charity gets to see band perform


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