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2 Festivals, Same Day, What to do?

Thankfully, I think that music festivals tend to not overlap to avoid this very issue! (at least the major ones). There are so many smaller festivals that overlap with the big ones and with each other, however. Here are the solutions I came up with in 10 minutes to attempt to solve the issue:

1. Half of the band goes to one festival, half goes to the other. The band members not present at the given festival could play their parts of the songs ahead of time and mesh the sound together. This would work better if it was a larger group with no one stand-out member, like Arcade Fire.

2. Fly without the gear. Gear, although potentially expensive, can be duplicated much more easily than people :)

3. Be present at one festival, perhaps the larger one, and have a DJ set at the other festival. This works if the music has electronic undertones and can be played by a DJ.

4. Don't play at either festival and instead play a festival more centrally located in the US. That way, the super fans from either coast and all across the country can all plan to see the band in one place at the same time!


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