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Lori Reeves

Profit Strategist



2 Color Palette Options for BikeBook

Here are the two color palettes that I came up with for BikeBook.

The first palette that I will show is the one that I came up with using the Kuler website.

I wanted to choose colors that were edgy and modern, because of the description of the target customer for BikeBook.  I feel like the customers want to use products that make them stand out, and I think this color palette definitely makes a statement.


The yellow would be the primary color in the design and the green and blue would be used for accenting.  But mostly, the site would be clean with lots of white and space because I think design like that feels upscale and a bit minimal, which feels exclusive.

Secondly, I'll show the image that I chose to pull a color palette from, including the color palette that I chose.


I chose this palette from the image because the turquoise and gree colors seem very clean to me.  The silvery-grey adds a modern flair and gives a somewhat industrial look, which reminds me of a New York City loft with exposed pipes and beams.  The colors are bold, but not necessarily "in your face."

I actually like the second color palette that I arrived at better.  Here they both are with the logo:



**Oops - just realized that I messed up the bottom tint of each color in both palettes.


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