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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher



1st time use of after effects ever

Just did some cleanup to my project page.
(I continue with Jakes more advanced classes)


As this is my first ever attemt at after effects, I decided to recreate you example.

Wow wat a great class and powerfull tool.

After effects always seemed scary/daunting to me, but this class and some of your others made me wanting to start and took away the daunting feeling that after effects is hard to begin with. (for sure it is harder to master, but the beginning is there now)

This class and sample project really inspired me to dive further into after effects. And I am wanting to start with the Papercut project already.

I ran into one problem (will also post it in the ask me anything) when moving the plane to create the motionpaths, it dit not create atomatic keyframe, so I had to add them manualy before moving the plane to a next position (maybe version issue? I use CC 2015)



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