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1st Palette Setup


A couple of disclaimers:

1- I set this palette up based on what watercolors I had purchased prior to this video.  That being said, my references for purchasing these colors were previous videos by Denise and other teachers both here and on YouTube.

2- This is my first palette set up so saying it's "custom" is a stretch.  It's a basic setup, not meant for anything specific since I've not yet found my groove.

3- This is "technically" not my very first palette setup.  I first bought a travel palette and set that up but decided that it didn't have enough space for paints or mixing.  I still use it as a travel palette, I was just delusional in thinking that I could use a travel palette as my main palette.

Also, as shown in one of the pictures, I just put dollops of the two yellow colors on the mixing area (both the orange and green) of my palette to use for mixing. We'll see how it goes. I chose to put the two "black/gray" paints and a buff titanium in pans and bluetac'd them in to the palette since I'm not sure yet how much I'll use them.


Still to do: mixing chart.


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