1st Draft: Good Guys and Bad Guys

1st Draft: Good Guys and Bad Guys - student project

Full Script (updated 3/29 3:30CST, cleaned up some format issues)



EXT. A suburban street

 A typical school day morning, happy packs of children laugh and play as they make their way to school.  All of the kids are wearing holsters.  Some of the children are comparing guns and holsters and practicing quick drawing. The crossing guards have guns slung over their orange vests. Jeff runs by trying to get to school before the bell rings.

INT. School Hallway

JEFF runs into the hallway.  Other students are gathered outside their classroom giggling and waiting until the last second to get to class.  The bell rings, JEFF and the other students walk into their classrooms, leaving the hallway deserted.  At the end of the hallway is a giant banner of a handgun with the words "SAVE OUR SCHOOLS" underneath in a military-looking font.

INT. JEFF’s classroom

As JEFF walks into the classroom and finds his seat, his teacher, CHRIS TURNER (27M), is beginning the day.


"OK, everybody take your seat.  Quiet down.  Here we go, roll call.  Emily Austin..."

JEFF settles into his desk, opens the top and puts his iPad and lunch inside.  He takes his holster off and sets it on top of the desk next to his "School Safety Handbook".  He starts to daydream while looking around the classroom.  All around the room are various posters.  There are the requisite "Math and Science are cool" and motivational reading posters, but the one JEFF stops on has a picture of a masked gunman pointing a gun at the camera with the words "Only You" above his head and "Can Stop Me!" at the bottom.


           "Jeff Smith...Jeff Smith!"


           "What...Oh sorry. Present."


"Let’s start with the day with our most important    lesson, terrorist safety, open your school safety      handbook to chapter 2.  Know your enemy..."

JEFF opens his book and stares at the page. The page has "Know Your Enemy" in big bold letters at the top, underneath are various pictures of "domestic terrorists".  They look like American school kids, but are grouped by crime, names like "The gunman", "The bomber", etc. He drifts off into his own world, imagining an elaborate scenario where he saves the school from "The gunman".  JEFF finishes saving the school as CHRIS is moving on to the second part of the lesson. 


"...moving on, we have a video to watch today.  It’s called "Terror in our Backyard".  It’s a very important video that demonstrates our responsibility to keep our schools, homes, our world, safe.  Please pay close attention, there will be quiz tomorrow."

CHRIS turns to a giant touch-screen monitor and presses play to start the video.  He dims the classroom lights as the title, "Terror in our Backyard" flashes across the screen and sounds of screams and gunshots come out of speakers.  A quick montage of news footage of mass shootings at schools and malls flies across the screen.


"Terror has come home.  The greatest threat to you and your schools safety, could be sitting next to you right now.  Domestic terrorists come in all forms; your threat level must always be red because they will not wait for you to be ready.  It could come from anywhere, at any time; your finger must be on the trigger..."

     JEFF stares at the gun on his desk.  He can feel its power.

Treatment Working Title: Good Guys and Bad Guys

The year 2029.  In the wake of mass shootings and extreme gun violence that skyrocketed every year since 2018, a new extreme right wing party takes power and mandates that every American citizen must carry a gun.   Since many mass shootings happen at schools, a special emphasis is placed on children being able to learning how to use and carry a gun. 

JEFF (11M) is a regular boy living in middle America.  He lives a fairly normal life, albeit heavily armed.  In addition to the regular math and science lessons, he taught the responsibility of "good guys" carrying a gun and stopping "bad guys".   He spends his school day shooting guns in PE class, learning how to quick draw from his holster.  He's lectured on gun maintance and shown "do/don't" videos describing examples of everyday situations in this violent new world.    

On the walk home from school, JEFF is joined by 2 boys, CHAD (11M) and DAVE (11M).  They're JEFF's friends, but also bullies.  During the walk, CHAD and DAVE begin to bully and pick on another classmate (CHRIS, 11M) they see walking home.  JEFF is put in a tough situation.  Are his friends the "bad guys" he's been warned about?  After an intense confrontation, JEFF is left with a new-found confidence.  When JEFF goes home, he's put in another tough situation when he sees his mother and father get in an argument.  JEFF feels he must make another tough decision, but is struggling with what and who are "good guys" and "bad guys".



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