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1st Class - How To Decrease Your Video Size Within 15 Minutes!

TITLE - How To Decrease Your Video Size Within 15 Minutes!


Completed my intro video!
Here is the link for that



About my class!

Hey Everyone,

In this class I am showing a way I always use in my daily videos to reduce it size and still keep the quality same. This stuff isn't a rocket science and I bet this will be damm simple for you all to learn.

Using this technique you will be able to compress a large video file to a really small sized file and still maintain the quality as the original. You can use to optimise any video you want and the best part is we can do all this totally FREE.


Hey everyone!

I have successful completed my 1st teaching class and its live on skillshare!

I need your support to make my class going.

Here is my link to the final class - http://skl.sh/29Ffd57


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