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Jason Carter

Freelance Designer




Hey fellow letter lovers - I'm a designer/(aspiring) letterer out of Cincinnati, OH. You can check out my freelance portfolio over at King Think™. I'm a big fan of craftsmanship, process, critique and thoughtful design solutions. I can't wait to see what others come up with in the class. Hope to come across a few more quality dribbble feeds to follow, too - Mine here!

My goal for this project is to develop what will eventually be a logo for the phrase 1&O™. I know its a bit outside of the suggested theme, but It's a concept I've planned to execute for some time now. Since its for a business I hope to launch in the shortest future possible, I figured a class hosted by Jessica Hische would be the perfect opportunity to finally knock this thing out.

I'll do my best to spruce this thing up with more visuals in the coming days, but the loose sketch in my head holds the entire "1&O" inside a blackletter capital O with some light ornament. A common feature in most blackletter O's is a bold vertical bar or spine(?). This element will be reappropriated into a "1" and the thin monoline features or ornament that is typical of some blackletter would be used to incorporate an ampersand so that the whole "1&O" phrase is contained within the letter O.

I'm also open to whatever I come up with during the brainstorming process, but thats definitely the first route I plan to get on paper. Look forward to adding to this soon and seeing some cool process by students and teacher.


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