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I'm going to work around one of my favorite books, 1984. What I love about it the most is that it's a book that really made me think, and still does make me think.

The cover often features one of my favorite ideas in the book being the idea of Big Brother. The great leader that is invincible, immortal and makes no bad decisions. Even though there is no proof of his existence they follow and adore him without any further thought.The first one is the book I own.

Another concept in the book that is used for several coverdesigns is the secret diary, the proof that someone dared to think in a society where free thought is almost fully destroyed.

The third element I like are our protagonists, Winston and Julia. They lived the ultimate resistance. In a society where love is not allowed they love eachother. Their reintegration in the society is also caused by their love for one another. They were only able to be a fully working part of society if they betrayed eachother, thus renouncing the other.


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