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Laura Casey

wannabe designer




So far I am exploring the peephole idea. I tried three options 1) a simple eye in the 'o' 2) more of a fisheye/peephole look 3) bloodshot/mind controlled eye

I like 2 the best. What do you think? My concern is the 'o' may get lost, but I tried to expand the sides. I don't want to do anything ornate since it wouldn't fit the book theme.

My notes on 1984 using the letter O - I'm leaning towards 3 options: 1) Big Brother face in the O like a propaganda poster 2) An eye in the O like a peephole 3) the mindcontrol spiral


I have always been fascinated by George Orwell's book, 1984. Terms from the book like "Big Brother", "Newspeak", "Thought Police" are still used today. Orwell based his book on real accounts of governments (Soviet Union, Nazi Germany) attempting to control the public, by punishing suspected "spies" or people who had unfavorable opinions of the government, altering news articles and pictures, and torture for example.

During the recent NSA wire tapping scandal sales of the book went up by 7000%!


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