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1950s Split-Level House Boat

I've always wanted a split-level ranch style home, so I figured I'd do my design based on one that I liked the look of. I searched for images in google and based my design off of this photograph:


This is the start of my house as outlines:


And as Black and White, just to work out shapes and layout:


Next up: Colour and texture and little additions.


Pretty much right after I uploaded that I realized my other dream has been to live on a house boat. So I stripped this down and rebuilt it on a floating platform.

The deck will be wood planks, and I'm hoping to get a nice subtle bounce motion going on the 'waves'. But that might be overly ambitious.


And the new colour version, heading into animation:


And the screen grab showing my layers broken down and grouped:


Finished up just past the deadline, but here it is as a completed loop. The lamps had a blur effect on them in Illustrator and when I brought them in to AE it made the blur into a large square that I couldn't figure out how to change, so I'll keep playing with it until I get everything just as I wanted it.



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