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1950s Kayser Hosiery Ad

I just joined the class and have picked a 1950s ad for Kayser Hoisery products to reproduce. I am really interested in creating the types of techiniques seen in this ad in Illustrator.  As an artist, it is what I tend to be  attracted to want to learn different ways of acheiving this effect in mediums.  

Wish me luck! I will keep you posted.

Just finished putting in the more solid pieces to this ad.  I think from here on out...it's going to be a bit tough. I am unsure how to get the affect I need for the dress.  Everthing is pretty sketch-like and watercolor.

I have added in the coloring of the dress... So far so good.. I plan to play with the opacity of the coloring to give it more of the watercolor effect.  Once I get the coloring in, I will start on the more floral aspects of the ad.  

Just finished adding some of the greenery to the dress.  I used the blob tool and it seems to work pretty well. I created a layer for the shadows and a layer for the lighter green.  I also gave the colors in the dresses and opacity of about 80%.  

Worked on the headpiece tonight and think it's looking pretty good. I am still have trouble getting the effect that I want.  What I am doing (using the blob tool with some opacity changes) is working ok just not quite exact.  ** Also when exporting the photo out of Illustrator into JPG, it messes with the colors and opacities...so it definitely doesn't look as great.

Worked on more details tonight. Also, I've learned that if you click Save for Web and save as a .jpg that way....it keeps your colors and quality much better.  Who knew...

At last, I have finally found the time to finish this piece. It doesn't include as much detail as I could have put into it but I think its a pretty good representation.

This class has been incredibly helpful. Even though I am pretty experienced with Illustrator, it was a nice review and taught me shortcuts that I find incredibly useful in my day-to-day work.  This project was great practice and I plan to study further how to make what I've done even closer to the actual piece.



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