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1950's Japanese Print Ad

Day 1: I can't say that I have a favorite print ad, so this was kind of hard for me to figure out what kind of ad I wanted to do. It definitely took a bit of scouring the internet!

Finally, I found a picture I liked from this source 

I like this image because it's mostly simple shapes, minus the figurine in the center which I like because it will challenge me. I am not very new to Illustrator but I am not very efficient, either, so I am taking this class to help me enhance my skills (which will help me with my projects for school!) Being an Industrial Design major, we are never actually properly taught how to use Illustrator, but it's an extremely helpful tool!

Anyone know what it's an ad for exactly? My Japanese language skills are out of practice! However, I was able to translate that this is the company that the ad came from.

Day 2:

Started blocking in the shapes today- in the interest of preparing for midterms and leaving room for a proper college Saturday night, I think this is all I'm going to get to today...

The shape builder tool is my favorite tool ever!!!

I'm thinking about making that yellow a bit more green and increasing the chroma in it, and maybe making that red a little bit translucent.. but we'll see.

Day 3:

here's where I am. not sure if I want to add in the Japanese writing or not. Maybe I'll use a tablet and the paintbrush tool to make the characters...

I think I also need to add some texture to the gradient on the lightbulb. Hmm.


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